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Regional work environment

IECA High Technology Training Center

Conalep Campus Marabis Castro del Rio



Marabis and Fundación Comunitaria del Bajío

(FCB) work in favor of rural communities emphasizing local development and education matters.


This project carried out by Fundación Comunitaria del Bajio with Marabis´ collaboration and support, and companies within the Marabis Castro del Río Industrial Park, aims to develop the workers´ skills and to improve the employability of the inhabitants of the communities nearby the Marabis Castro del Río Industrial Park.

Marabis donated the land to build CONALEP GUANAJUATO within the Marabis Castro del Río Industrial Park.

CONALEP is a technical school that implements the German Dual Education program, which, during its last two years, trains the students (as apprentices) in different companies. Likewise, CONALEP offers the “Trayectoria Técnica” [Technichal Career] program, in which  the students receive mentoring on different business- related topics during the last year of their studies.

In 2006, Instituto Estatal de la Capacitación [State Training Institute]  (IECA) emerged as an organization capable of performing an important role in training personnel for work.

In 2018, Centro de Capacitación de Alta Tecnología [High Technology Training Center] arrived at Marabis Castro del Río. This Center provides training alternatives for unemployed youth and thus develop employable and talented people who respond to the challenges of Industry 4.0. Likewise, this Center also trains technicians to become highly qualified to develop new technologies for the generation of renewable energies.